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PREferential pricing for VetLexicon services

BEVA’s Association Partner, Vetstream Ltd, provide a range of digital services designed to develop and empower the whole veterinary team. Your BEVA membership entitles you to an exclusive discount on this service.

Their Vetlexicon service, made up of Canis, Felis, Lapis, Exotis, Equis and Bovis, provides evidence-based, peer-reviewed information from the world’s largest clinical reference source, designed for the veterinarian to access at the point of need.

Vetlexicon Equis is the ultimate clinical information resource about the veterinary care of Equidae. It collaborates content from the world’s leading equine veterinary professionals and academic research to provide instant information for the practising equine vet at the stage of treatment.

The content is categorised into 26 body systems and disciplines, all cross linked to each other so that a veterinarian can move between all the relevant information to help them treat the patient and communicate all the relevant information to the owner. New and updated information is added weekly so subscribers always have the best point of care clinical information available.

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