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Private Medical Insurance 

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BEVA are always looking at ways to introduce to our members new products and services that add value and help in their daily life.

In partnership with PG Mutual, the friendly society that provides our popular Income Protection Policy, BEVA have negotiated some special rates on their new Private Medical Insurance. Whether you are looking for individual cover, family cover or you are a practice owner looking to cover yourself and/or your staff, Private Medical Insurance is something that everyone should consider as part of their Health & Wellbeing protection plan.

We know from ‘The Injuries in the Workplace’ survey completed by Equine Vets, this highlighted the time vets spent away from work due to an injury or illness. This time can be greatly reduced by having the correct level and type of cover for a speedy recovery back to work. Protecting yourself is just as important as protecting those around you.

Our Full Care plan not only gives you peace of mind but ensures you receive the most competitive rates to suit your personal circumstances. That means with our new reduced rates, prices can often be lower and we would urge you to contact us either using our quick quote facility on our website or ring for personal attention on 0800 146 307. We have ensured that all Sports Injuries are included as well as Horse Riding and Skiing.

The benefits of The Full Care Plan are as follows:

  Full Care Plan  
Peace of mind – Sports injuries including skiing and horse riding are covered.    Yes
 We take care of your children too! – FREE cover for your children up to the age of 26 years*  Yes
 No Excess - or deductibles  Yes
 Bypass lengthy NHS queues – Receive your required medical attention quickly  Yes
 More control – you choose the specialist and location convenient for you  Yes
 Support for every stage of life – no age restrictions  Yes
 Supportive Care – You can select the consultant of your choice  Yes
 Residing in Europe? – BEVA members living in EEA qualify **  Yes

Whether you are looking to take out cover for the first time or reviewing your existing cover, we suggest you look at our Private Medical Insurance through PG Mutual.

Employers - With an aging workforce and the costs of treatment rising, employers and employees can work together to ensure they have a good health and wellbeing safety-net in place, resulting in a highly motivated and productive team. Private Medical Insurance is often thought of as a non-essential insurance but health problems are always with us, an inescapable part of life. PG Mutual’s flexible Group Private Medical scheme can cover you and your staff in a group of 2 upwards.


For more information, register your interest here, email us or call us on 0800 146 307.

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** Premiums accepted in Sterling only