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Virtual volunteering to improve veterinary care internationally

News BEVA Trust
26 Jun 2020 BEVA

The BEVA Trust, in partnership with Worldwide Veterinary Service, is pleased to announce they are now recruiting for vet volunteers for virtual teaching roles that will support vets working with horses in Ethiopia. 

Due to the outbreak of Covid-19, the BEVA Trust has had to pause existing volunteering programmes and cancel many of the planned activities for 2020. As the world adapts to the 'new normal' the BEVA Trust have also adapted to ensure they can continue to provide veterinary volunteering opportunities that enhance equine welfare around the world.

In partnership with the Worldwide Veterinary Service, the project will provide online teaching sessions for Ethiopian vets on ambulatory practice. The courses will provide an overview of core equine ambulatory skills, that will help the Ethiopian practitioners tackle general health issues they encounter when in the field. 

Julian Samuelson, current BEVA Trust chair, spoke of the new opportunity: "This is a novel and exciting initiative that reflects and potentially addresses many of the post-COVID-19 restrictions imposed on the international welfare organisations, and the BEVA Trust is delighted to be able to offer its support through its network of veterinary volunteers."

The BEVA Trust is looking for BEVA members to volunteer their time between 17 and 28 August to deliver these online teaching sessions. Volunteers need to have experience of lecturing and be comfortable with presenting via virtual platforms such as Zoom. Programme topics include clinical exam, dermatology, cardiology, field procedure, orthopaedics, reproduction, and gastroenterology. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Leaya Slater for further information.