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New summit aimed at inspiring veterinary career growth and diversity

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18 Jun 2020 British Equine Veterinary Association

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging in many parts of the world, conferences have been postponed globally in all industries. However, veterinary career leadership won’t be stopping anytime soon thanks to an innovative virtual summit spanning the globe.  The Global Veterinary Careers Summit will take place online 24-28th June.  Aimed at veterinarians and veterinary nurses/technicians and students, the summit will combine interactive sessions and workshops with lectures full of practical career growth strategies.  Additionally, innovative networking sessions such as “Career Campfire/Career and a Beer,” and micro-learning through quick how-tos and careers stories ensure participants will not be suffering from Zoom fatigue anytime soon.


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  • Online flexible attendance
  • Over 100 sessions to support career development
  • Playback content at your leisure for up to a year
  • Network with a global community, including over 100 speakers & 25 exhibitors
  • Live interaction opportunities in 4 time zones
  • Pending RACE approval and OAVT approved


The organizers, three female veterinary leaders from different continents, all spearhead communities dedicated to career growth in their respective countries. A Zoom call a few months ago solidified the partnership and idea for a virtual education event for careers. However, with the hardships facing so many practices worldwide, and the intensifying pressures facing veterinarians, the group knew they needed to act quickly.  The group is planning to keep ticket prices at an affordable rate as an additional way to help the profession access this important training opportunity. 


Dr. Emma Davis believes in the value that veterinarians bring to society. Emma brings a wealth of experience from developing global networks to working one on one with veterinary professionals across a range of career and business topics from undergraduate veterinarians to highly regarded scientific academics. Davis says “I want all veterinarians to love their veterinary career, every type of work that a veterinarian undertakes brings huge value to the world. However, often the veterinarians are so busy working for their clients and keeping up with the science that they miss the opportunity of investing in themselves and clarifying what they actually want from their career. I coach vets on this and am excited to bring this to a unique international group format.’


Dr. Ebony Escalona (UK) shares, “I am always looking for ways to provide online and offline career opportunities for the Vets Stay Go Diversify! Community and with the success of VSGD LIVE! Now over 2 years ago it was time to come offer up something fresh. Our community has gone global and so partnering up was just a no brainer. The super thing about going virtual is it opens up the doors to the whole global profession. All you need is wifi and to nab a spot!“


Dr. Melanie Barham (North America) adds, “It’s an incredibly exciting event. Bringing together expertise from all different continents to showcase all the things you can be in veterinary medicine, we’re aiming to help people feel hopeful about their careers, and their ideal place within the profession.   Belonging, personal growth, and community have been pillars of all of our communities, so working together across time zones to bring an unparalleled opportunity to help the profession just makes sense.” Further, Barham says, “It’s not about getting people to leave practice either.  It’s really about how to know your own strengths and interests depending on your life stage, what opportunities are available, and how to pursue them.”


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  • £79 general ticket
  • £10 undergraduate tickets