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For Equine Vets Everywhere

The Fundamentals of Equine Practice

Teaching the essential skills every equine vet needs

The Fundamentals of Equine Practice programme has been designed to equip those who are keen to establish themselves in equine practice with the essential skills necessary to carry out their day job. The programme can be booked for an individual as a package to save you money, if you are interested in purchasing the full programme please contact the BEVA office.

Why choose the Fundamentals Programme?

Designed by equine vets for equine vets. We have worked with leading practice owners to better understand the support and training new equine veterinary surgeons require. It is this feedback that has been used to design the Fundamentals series, a programme of ten courses that cover all essential aspects of equine veterinary care.

Hands-on courses, delivered by experts. As with all of our CPD courses, the Fundamentals series will mix lecture based teaching with 'hands-on' practical sessions delivered by renowned experts to ensure the skill-set taught can be taken back to the clinic. 

Delivered to enhance skill-sets, no other agenda. BEVA is a world leading equine veterinary association that is run by vets, for vets. We are committed to serve and lead the equine veterinary profession. Our not-for-profit status allows us to deliver an outstanding CPD programme that is affordable yet highly regarded and the Fundamentals series has been underwritten by the association.. 

Book your place

The Fundamentals series can be booked as a package or individually. The full series is £1,995, to book the full series please contact the BEVA officeIndividual courses can be booked for £240  (BEVA member) per course online.

The courses

Fundamentals of Equine Emergencies

Fundamentals of Dentistry

Fundamentals of Equine Internal Medicine

Fundamentals of the Mare and Foal

Fundamentals of Reproduction: the Mare

Fundamentals of the Skin, Eyes, Medicines and Difficult Moments

Fundamentals of Gastroenterology

Fundamentals of Lameness, Laminitis and Farriery

Fundamentals of Radiography & Ultrasound

Fundamentals of Sedation, Field Anaesthesia and Castrations