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2012 Reviews

January 2012

Air sampling in the breathing zone of neonatal foals for prediction of subclinical Rhodococcus equi infection.
C. Chicken, G. Muscatello, J. Freestone, G.A. Anderson, G.F.Browning and J.R.Gilkerson

February 2012

Evoked otoacoustic emissions: An alternative test of auditory function in horses.
A.McBrearty, A.Auckburally, P.J Pollock and J.Penderis

Comparison of ultrasound-guided vs. 'blind' techniques for intra-synovial injections of the shoulder area in horses: Scapulohumeral joint, bicipital and infraspinatus bursae
W.Schneeweiss, A.Puggioni and F.David

March 2012

European outbreaks of atypical myopathy in grazing horses (2006-2009): Determination of indicators for risk and prognostic factors
van Galen G, Saegarman C, Marcillaud Pitel C, Patarin F, Amory H, Baily J.D, Cassart D, Gerber V, Hahn C, Harris P, Keen J.A, Kirschvink N, Lefere L, McGorum B, Muller J.M.V, Picavet M.T.J.E, Piercy R.J, Roscher K, Serteyn D, Unger L, van der Kolk J.H, van Loon G, Verwilghen D, Westermann C.M and Votion D.M

Caudal anaesthesia of the infraorbital nerve for diagnosis of idiopathic headshaking and caudal compression of the infraorbital nerve, for its treatment, in 58 horses.
Roberts V.L.H, Perkins J.D, Skarlina E, Gorvy D.A, Tremaine W.H, Williams A, McKane S.A, White I and Knottenbelt D.C

April 2012

Local airborne particulate concentration is associated with visible tracheal mucus in Thoroughbred racehorses.
M.L. Millerick-May, W.Karmaus, F.J. Derksen, B.Berthold, S.J.Holcombe and N.E. Robinson

Short- and long-term results following standing fracture repair in 34 horses.
R.J. Payne and P.C. Compston

May 2012

The use of intrathecal analgesia and contrast radiography as preoperative diagnostic methods for digital flexor tendon sheath pathology.
Fiske-Jackson AR, Barker WHJ, Eliasher E, Foy K and Smith RKW

Prevalence, risk factors and clinical signs predictive for equine pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction in aged horses.
McGowan TW, Pinchbeck GP and McGowan CM

June 2012

Subclinical ultrasonographic abnormalities of the suspensory ligament branch of the athletic horse: A survey of 60 Thoroughbred racehorses.
P.H.L. Ramzan, L. Palmer, R.S. Dallas and M.C. Shepherd

Aortic rupture and aorto-pulmonary fistulation in the Friesian horse: Characterisation of the clinical and gross post mortem findings in 24 cases.
M.Ploeg, V.Saey, C.M.de Bruijn, A.Gröne, K.Chiers, G.van Loon, R.Ducatelle, P.R. van Weeren, W.Back, C.Delesalle

July 2012

Determination of serum anti-Müllerian hormone concentrations for the diagnosis of granulosa-cell tumours in mares.
B.A. Ball, J.A lmeida and A.J. Conley

The proximal aspect of the suspensory ligament in the horse: How precise are ultrasonographic measurements?
J.M. Zauscher, R.Estrada, J.Edinger and C.J Lischer

August 2012

Effects of a constant-rate infusion of dexmedetomidine on the minimal alveolar concentration of sevoflurane in ponies.
M. Gozalo-Marcilla, K. Hopster, F. Gasthuys, L. Hatz, A.E. Krajewski and S. Schauvliege

Return to use and performance following exploratory celiotomy for colic in horses: 195 cases (2003-2010)
W. Davis, C.A Fogle, M.P. Gerard, J.F. Levine and A.T Blikslager

September 2012

The effects of perineural and intrasynovial anaesthesia of the equine foot on subsequent magnetic resonance images.
B.Black, N.C. Cribb, S.G. Nykamp, J.J. Thomason and D.R. Trout

Antimicrobial prescribing practice in UK equine veterinary practice.
L.A. Hughes, G. Pinchbeck, R. Callaby, S. Dawson, P. Clegg and N. Williams

October 2012

Pulpar temperature changes during mechanical reduction of equine cheek teeth: Comparison of different motorised dental instruments, duration of treatments and use of water cooling.
O'Leary JM, Barnett TP, Parkin TDH, Dixon PM and Barakzai SZ

Ventricular response during lungeing exercise in horses with lone atrial fibrillation.
Verheyen T, Decloedt A, Van der Vekens N, De Clercq D and van Loon G

November 2012

Effect of age on the pharmacokinetics of a single daily dose of gentamicin sulfate in healthy foals.
Burton AJ, Giguere S, Warner L, Alhamhoom Y and Arnold RD

Medical management of sand enteropathy in 62 horses.
Hart KA, Linnenkohl W, Mayer JR, House AM, Gold JR and Giguere S

December 2012

Retrospective evaluation of facilitated pastern ankylosis using intra-articular ethanol injections: 34 cases (2006-2012)
Caston S, McClure S, Beug J, Kersh K, Reinertson E and Wang C

Use of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to optimize oxygenation in anaesthetised horses- a clinical study.
Mosing M, Rysnik M, Bardell D, Cripps PJ and MacFarlane P