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The BEVA Internship Awareness Programme (IAP) was launched in September 2013 to help students and new graduates navigate the diverse opportunities available after graduation and to enable vet practices to select the right employee to best enhance practice development. The Programme was instigated in response to an industry survey indicating that up to five times as many veterinary graduates may be seeking work in equine practice as there are jobs available.

The BEVA IAP is the easiest and most efficient way to find and compare all current equine veterinary intern providers in the UK and overseas. Whether you are still a veterinary student considering an internship at the beginning of your career or you are a recent graduate looking to further your career prospects, the BEVA IAP is designed to help you find and apply for the right internship for you.

Basic information from the current providers of internship programmes is available, including how to apply, start date and a contact person.  

If you would like to post details of an internship then please upload the information here - you will be asked for a URL to your practice website (your home page or internship information page) and a second link to an image that represents your practice - this should end .jpg .png or .gif

Below is an excellent video from former Rossdales LLP Intern Patrick Sells entitled 'A day in the life of an intern.'