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Health and wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of individuals is essential to ensuring we have a thriving profession. Poor health and wellbeing can have an impact on the performance at work, but by also ensuring we are working in a happy, healthy environment this can in turn support the health and wellbeing of individuals... the two are inextricably linked!


work-life balance work-life balance

Work-life balance

Work-life balance is the idea that a fulfilling life outside of work helps improve work performance while reducing stress. The time a person spends working should be balanced by time spent with friends and family, keeping fit, travelling, and doing other fulfilling hobbies. We are exploring how this can be achieved in equine veterinary practice.

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horse in field horse in field

Preventing injury at work

According to the BEVA commissioned report in 2013, equine vets are expected on average to sustain between seven and eight work-related injuries during a 30 year career in practice. So what can we do about it?

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horse eating horse eating

Healthy eating at work

Hands up if you’ve fuelled your entire working day (and night) with caffeine, chocolate and a quick service station sandwich? Find out how we can achieve a healthy eating routine with limited time and energy.

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