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Clinical Catch-Ups

Our Clinical Catch-Ups provide free informal, 'at the pub' style CPD for BEVA members. Run once a month, we ask a leading name to present on a particular topic followed by a general discussion for everyone to get involved in. 

Upcoming Catch-Ups

May 2021: Avoiding Injury When Blocking

Wednesday 19th May, 8pm (GMT)

Henry O'Neill, Donnington Grove, will share his top tips on how to block and inject joints as safely as possible.



June 2021: Cardiology

Wednesday 16th June, 8pm (BST)

Ever wondered if you should worry about that murmur? In the June Clinical Catch-Up John Keen, Edinburgh Vet School, discusses what murmurs sound like and how to decide when we should worry.

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july 2021: abdominal ultrasound for the ambulatory vet

Wednesday 14th July, 4pm (BST)

Hayley Chidlow from Newmarket Equine Hospital guides us through abdominal scanning- with live demos and video feeds- come along and freshen up your scanning know-how!

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Previous Catch-Ups

March 2021: Laminitis

Thursday 11 March, 8pm (GMT)

Lucy Grieve and Professor Cathy McGowan host our March Clinical Catch-Up to discuss laminitis. During the live evening discussion they will discuss fine tuning and new twists on old ideas to treat, manage and support these cases on the yard.

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December 2020: Liver Disease

Thursday 17th December, 8pm (GMT)

Sarah Smith discusses how we can manage and treat liver disease in horses

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November 2020: Equine Asthma

Thursday 26th November, 8pm (GMT)

Matt Robin, Rainbow Equine Hospital, discusses equine asthma at our November 2020 Clinical Catch Up

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February 2021: Joint Medications

Wednesday 18th February, 8pm (GMT)

Fran James from Newmarket Equine Hospital will be leading out February Clinical Catch Up on Joint Medication. During the live meeting Fran will discuss the ins and outs of joint medication including what's available, when to use it and when not to.

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January 2021: Pre-Purchase Examination Panel Discussion

Wednesday 20th January 2021, 8pm (GMT)

Catch up with Ian Camm, David Green, Graham Potts to discuss some of the common PPE problem findings and how to approach them. This will be a case based panel discussion session.

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April 2021: Uveitis

Wednesday 21st April, 8pm (GMT)

Fernando Malalana, University of Liverpool, will provide an update on eyes during the April Clinical Catch-Up. He will be discussing what's new in uveitis and asking what else can we do?

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October 2020: Lead Toxicity

Thursday 26th November, 8pm (GMT)

David Sutton and Holly Rees discuss lead toxicity in the October Clinical Catch Up

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September 2020: DFTS Ultrasound

Tuesday 29th September, 8pm (GMT)

Andy Fiske-Jackson, RVC, takes us on a practical tour of DFTS during the September Clinical Catch Up

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August 2020: Lab Conundrums

Tuesday 27th August, 8pm (GMT)

Dave Rendle and Sarah Gough join us for the August Clinical Catch Up on Lab Conundrums.

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July 2020: Lab Analysis

Tuesday 27th August, 8pm (GMT)

Jamie Prutton, Liphook Equine Hospital, joins us for our first clinical catch up to discuss the usefulness of lab analysis in poor performance cases.

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