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28 October

Standing Surgery, Dental Extractions and Head Shaking

This evening meeting will update your knowledge on options for standing surgery including tooth extractions and head shaking therapies.

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29 October

How to Heal Wounds in Horses - an Online Masterclass for Vets and Nurses

A brand new online course that covers the key concepts of wound physiology and introduces you to new treatment ideas designed to optimise wound healing.

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10 November

Pre-season Foaling Warm Up/Training

Refresh your foaling knowledge at this early evening meeting so you're ready for the start of the new season.

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08 December

Pain Management in Equine Practice Online

An online course that will ensure you can confidently interpret signs of pain and successfully manage cases in varying yard situations including laminitis.

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11 December

Online A.I. Discussion Forum

A requirement for inclusion on the BEVA AI List, this day course will discuss recent changes to artificial insemination in horses. Panel sessions will give delegates the opportunity to discuss any issues in depth with a panel of experts.

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27 January

Fundamentals of Lameness, Laminitis and Farriery

This course covers the basics for performing a lameness examination, performing the common nerve and joint blocks as well as recognising and understanding the most common diseases.

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01 February

Fundamentals of the Mare and Foal

The aim of the course is to ensure that new graduates facing their first stud season are prepared assess, treat and refer the late pregnant mare and foal.

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02 February

Fundamentals of Reproduction - the mare

An introduction to assessing mares prior to and during the breeding season for natural covering and AI programs together with identifying and treating the problem mare, pregnancy diagnosis and investigation of abortion.

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03 February

Practical AI - the essentials

This course ensures that delegates facing a stud season are fully conversant with essential knowledge and practical skills for equine A.I.

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25 February

Feet, Joints and Physiotherapy

This evening meeting will share the latest on OCD, physiotherapy and shoeing the hindlimb. A buffet dinner will be included.

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