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Clinical Practice 

Providing advice and materials on aspects of clinical governance and audit


The clinical committee works across a number of BEVA projects and over the past few years we have produced a wide range of resources that are all available on the website. From a euthanasia flow chart through to Practice Standards Scheme templates, you can find them all under the resources pages of the website.

- Bruce Bladon, Co-Chair of the Clinical Practice Committee

We are also actively representing BEVA members on topics including, but not limited to: brexit, mental wellbeing and the retention of vets. 

If you have a question for the committee please do not hesitate to contact us.

- Huw Griffiths, Co-Chair of the Clinical Practice Committee

Committee Members

Bruce Bladon (Co-Chair)

Huw Griffiths (Co-Chair)
Ollie Crowe (Deputy Chair)
Phil Cramp
Tim Mair
Sarah Smith
Neil Townsend
Roger Smith

Committee Update