Friday, July 14, 2017 - Lara Pocock Lara Pocock BEVA has revamped its online medicines guidance resource to help members to negotiate the intricacies of prescribing equine medicines and to use the Cascade accurately.

Compliance with equine medicines legislation is complicated. It involves the challenges of food production, equine passport and essential medicines legislation as well as the prescribing Cascade, VMD guidance and the RCVS practice standards scheme. The online guidance now includes:
•       BEVA client information leaflets to help members inform clients of potential adverse effects of medicines when using the Cascade.
•       A BEVA branded prescription form to help members comply with RCVS guidance whilst reducing opportunities for prescription fraud.
•       Easy to use explanations of the prescribing Cascade in food producing and non-food producing animals including dynamic flow charts to guide members through the decision making steps.
•       The BEVA emergency treatment form and interactive flowchart for treating horses without a passport.
•       The BEVA award winning PROTECT ME toolkit to create a customised protocol for practices to develop responsible antibiotic use guidelines.
•       The BEVA members’ product database to help members share details of suppliers of hard to source medicines.
•       BEVA’s guidance on the use of veterinary specials in equine practice.
•       Links to download BEVA’s formulary App “BEVA Drugs”
The guidance can be accessed through the Resources for Vets section of the BEVA website. (Some resources require members to be logged in).

The new medicines guidance resource has already been invaluable for members working towards the new Practice Standards Scheme, such as Josh Slater from the RVC, who said: “The PSS Awards define what a high-functioning equine practice looks like. The BEVA medicines guidance documents enabled us to fulfil the PSS Awards scheme requirements for demonstrating responsible use of medicines and compliance with requirements such as Cascade prescribing and emergency treatment of horses, helping us to achieve our Outstanding rating in the PSS Awards. The resource will be very useful for all equine practices preparing for PSS inspections and continues to be an invaluable day-to-day reference source for us.”


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