Tuesday, May 24, 2016 - Sarah Bishop

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) received a highly commended award at the Antibiotic Guardian Awards for their contribution to antibiotic stewardship. It was the only organisation from the veterinary profession to be shortlisted.

The Antibiotic Guardian Awards were introduced this year by Public Health England (PHE) and aim to champion UK organisations and individuals who have demonstrated achievement in tackling antimicrobial resistance at a local, regional or national level. They were held at Birmingham Town Hall on 12 May and BEVA was the only organisation from the veterinary profession to be included.

BEVA first launched its Protect ME antimicrobial campaign in 2012 to coincide with European Antimicrobial Awareness day. The Association has launched additional resources each year to facilitate compliance and educate the public about the importance of antimicrobial awareness.  

Mark Bowen, President of BEVA and co-author of the Protect ME toolkit, said: “It is a great achievement for a veterinary organisation to be recognised alongside the human health sector which invariably has significantly more resources to support antimicrobial stewardship. Protect ME has had a fantastic uptake from the equine profession and are proud of the impact that it is having. BEVA is grateful to all who have contributed to its success, especially Wendy Furness and Jacky Paton of the Scarsdale veterinary group, Derby who trialled it prior to launch and adopted it fully within the practice.”

The BEVA Protect ME toolkit is free to BEVA members and can be downloaded at www.beva.org.uk

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