Wednesday, July 24, 2013


As the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) opens the research grant process for its Norman Hayward Fund AWF Chairman Tiffany Hemming asks potential applicants to think about putting research into practice when submitting proposals to the Fund.

The Norman Hayward Fund is restricted to research into the disease and welfare of sheep cattle and horses. In the last six years more than £1 million has been awarded to veterinary research projects in the UK. Recent awards ranged in value from £42 - £159k for projects lasting from one to four years.

Dr Hemming said:

"AWF is keen to support research that we can see will make a practical difference to animal welfare in a relatively short time period. We also pay particular attention to applicants' communication plans. We want to be clear how the key messages from our research will be disseminated to the target audience - this is critical to achieving practical improvements in animal welfare."

Applications are welcome from academic and practice-based researchers.

There is a two-stage application process. In the first stage applicants must submit of a Project Overview Form, which gives a brief outline of the nature and scope of their project. Trustees will review the Overview Forms before deciding which applicants to invite to submit a full grant application. The closing date for the receipt of Project Overview Forms is Friday 27th September 2013.

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