Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - Mark Humph


All Anabolic Steroids, regardless of the route or site of administration, are prohibited substances, as defined by the Rules of Racing, when found to be present in a horse's system, either in training or on a raceday.


To clarify the current Rules of Racing relating to Anabolic Steroids:

1. Any horse sampled on raceday is required to test clear of all prohibited substances, including Anabolic Steroids.

2. The Rules do not permit Anabolic Steroids to be administered to, or be present in, a horse in training.


If Anabolic Steroids are administered by any person to a horse that is out of training, the horse must be free of Anabolic Steroids when it returns to training. 

Generally, it should also be remembered that a person must not administer a prohibited substance to a horse with the intention to affect the performance of the horse in a race or with knowledge that its performance in a race could be affected.


Links to the relevant Rules of Racing are below:

Manual A, Part 4 (27).

Manual C, Part 4 (50 to 63).

Manual C, Schedule 6 (paragraph 3)



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