BEVA member vets interested in gastroscopy are being invited to take part in the UK's first national gastroscopy diagnostic study.


The 'Inner Vision' study is being organised by Richard Hepburn BVSc MS(Hons) CertEM(IntMed) DipACVIM(LA) MRCVS American and RCVS Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine, as part of his PhD at The University of Liverpool.


The aim is to better understand Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS) in performance horses in terms of prevalence, risk factors, clinical characteristics and effect on performance.


Dr Emma Batson, equine manager at Merial Animal Health, sponsors of the study, believes it is set to play a major role in helping to progress awareness and understanding of equine ulceration: "The study is a significant milestone in the quest to better understand EGUS, the clinical signs and how to manage and prevent the condition.


"At least two high quality papers are expected from this study, and those taking part will play a major role in helping to improve understanding of the epidemiology of EGUS in non-TBs. It's a 'win-win' for vets, horses and their owners," she adds. 


Gastroscopies are to take place during May, and horses need to be BSJA, BD or BE registered (all levels), and have been in work for at least four weeks prior to the scoping day.


Equine vets interested in scoping approximately ten horses (ideally during one day) can apply to take part by emailing or calling or texting 07704 780793