Sunday, July 8, 2012

BEVA is launching a programme of Webinars to help busy practitioners access further training and CPD at their convenience. The monthly sessions, commencing at the end of July, will cover a diverse range of subjects, from early pregnancy failure and atrial fibrillation to common problems at races and events.

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There will be an initial series of six Webinars, with the first be held on 24th July and thereafter on the first Tuesday of every month. The first two Webinars will be free and there will be reduced rates for BEVA members for the remaining four. Each of the webinars will go out live at 7.30pm and will be available on demand after the event through the BEVA website. The topics, speakers and dates will be:

  • Tues 24th July: Jonathan Pycock, 'Update on pregnancy diagnosis and twin management in the mare.'This session will cover maximising pregnancy rates in mares, minimising the risk of missing twin pregnancies, how to successfully manage twin pregnancy in mares, monitoring the early pregnancy, and minimising early pregnancy failure.

  • Tues 7th August: Sarah Boys Smith, 'Lameness Imaging' (Sponsored by BCF Technology)

  • Tues 4th September: Mark Bowen, 'Clinical Decision Making and Atrial Fibrillation' (Sponsored by  Kruuse)

  • Tues 2nd October: Andrew Harrison, 'Common Problems at Races & Events'

  • Tues 6th November: Huw Griffiths, 'Artificial Insemination'

  • Tues 4th December: TBC

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