Monday, January 30, 2012

The Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association (AWSELVA) has developed a brand new website and logo* to provide a wealth of user-friendly information on the Association's activities and to welcome the growing number of people interested in becoming members.

The site contains the latest edition of the high quality AWSELVA Journal as part of a 10 year archive, as well as information on the Association's informative and thought-provoking conferences. There are also links to continuing education opportunities in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law as well as a page dedicated to supporting students.

AWSELVA was founded in 1995, initially to provide assistance for veterinary surgeons enrolled on the RCVS Certificate and Diploma in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law. It now welcomes members from a range of professional backgrounds, vets and non-vets alike, providing opportunities for all those with an interest in animal welfare to develop informed views.

Ed Varley, President of AWSELVA, said: "As public, political and scientific interest in animal welfare continues to grow, there is an ever-increasing role for a friendly and inclusive Association like AWSELVA to provide expert information on animal welfare science, as well as relevant ethics and law. Each year we see evidence of growing animal welfare interest both here and abroad. In 2011, for example, the American veterinarian's oath was revised specifically to stress the importance of animal welfare, whilst some of our members were instrumental in establishing a European College of Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law, which now recognises this subject as a European Veterinary Speciality. AWSELVA will continue to grow in relevance for everyone pursuing their interests in this area, and we felt the time was right to reflect this with a new website and logo."

Members of AWSELVA enjoy free subscription to the AWSELVA Journal, access to the full online Journal archiveĀ and discounted attendance at AWSELVA conferences. Delegates at the Association's most recent conference, held at the newly established Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education at Edinburgh University, heard leading international speakers giving updates on the latest projects aiming to improve the lives of companion, farmed and other animals around the world, whilst the Association's June meeting included a lecture by the world-renowned Professor Temple Grandin, famous for her influential work on humane pre-slaughter handling.

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