Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Since the 21 Jun [2011], ECDC has published on its website weekly updates on spatial distribution of West Nile fever cases in the European Union and neighbouring countries. Cases reported in the EU were confirmed cases according to the EU case definition and all reported cases outside the EU. The web page with the weekly maps was among the most visited pages during the period.

The 1st cases of West Nile fever were reported on 26 Jul [2011] from Romania (Galati county, 1 case) and the Russian Federation (Volgograd oblast, 3 cases).

As of 24 Nov 2011, 93 confirmed human cases of West Nile fever have been reported in the EU; 69 cases in Greece, 14 in Italy, and 10 in Romania. In the neighbouring countries, 189 cases have been declared: 2 in Albania, 4 in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 33 in Israel, 136 in the Russian Federation, 3 in Tunisia, 3 in Turkey and 8 cases in Ukraine.

In the EU, Greece has been the most affected country with 69 cases. A total of 11 areas reporting confirmed cases have been displayed on the map.

Italy has reported 14 confirmed cases from 7 provinces, including 2 provinces in Sardegna, and in Romania 10 confirmed cases have been notified from 5 counties.

In the neighbouring countries, most of the cases have been reported from the Russian Federation. A total of 136 cases have been detected in 7 oblasts. Cases have also been reported from Ukraine where 3 oblasts have been affected.

In Albania, 2 cases have been reported from one prefecture. In the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, 4 cases have been reported from one region. And in Turkey, 3 provinces have reported cases.

In other countries of the Mediterranean basin, Israel has reported 33 cases from 4 of the 6 districts in the country. Finally, Tunisia has reported 3 cases in one province.

Since 27 Oct 2011, no new cases have been reported in the EU. The number of cases reported outside the EU also decreased dramatically and often referred to late reported cases. With the decrease of mosquito populations, the season of West Nile virus transmission to humans has now come to an end in Europe and neighbouring countries. ECDC published its last weekly update of the WN fever maps on Fri 25 Nov 2011 and closed its seasonal monitoring of West Nile virus transmission for 2011.

(Source: European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)

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