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VMD Medicines Update - June 2020

Medicines News
29 Jul 2020 BEVA

The VMD has today released its June medicines update containing the following updates for equine treatments.

The below is a new product authorised for use in horses:

  • Eqvalan Gold, oral paste (Ivermectin, Praziquantel) - Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health UK Ltd.

The following are changes to equine products:

  • Alonate-P 400 mg/g oral paste for horses and ponies(Pyrantel embonate) - Bimeda Animal Health Limited
  • Section 4.6 of the SPC has been amended to read; ‘Impaction of the small intestine may occur very rarely, in foals infected with high numbers of Parascaris equorum.  Symptoms (colic) may be seen as soon as 30 minutes after treatment.’
  • Cronyxin Injection, 5% w/v solution for injection (Flunixin) - Bimeda Animal Health Limited. Authorised for use in cattle and horses.
  • Removal of the excipient Diethanolamine (DEA) from the finished product formulation and replacement with the alternative pH adjuster Sodium hydroxide 10%.

The full June update can be accessed here.