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France Galop - Changes to Article 135 regarding Influenza and Herpes virus vaccinations

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22 Mar 2021 BEVA

The Ministry of Agriculture has validated the changes to Article 135 of the French Rules of Racing regarding the Influenza and Herpes virus protocols, which will come into effect starting from 5 May 2021.

From this date to allow entry and/or access to training site, racecourses and all other France Galop establishments, all horses must have received:

  1. A primary vaccination consisting of two injections against Influenza +/- Herpes virus, at a minimum interval of twenty one days to a maximum of sixty days, followed by another set of injections in the following time delays:
  2. A booster vaccination against Influenza and Herpes virus at a minimum of 120 to a maximum of 180 after the second primary injection.
  3. Following vaccination requirements:
    1. Influenza: maximum delay within six months (compulsory every six months)
    2. Herpes virus: strongly advised every six months but compulsory every twelve

In practice:

  • Horses that have received their primary vaccinations before 5 May 2021 and that have been regularly vaccinated do not require initial vaccinations. Continue vaccination protocol of Influenza within six months and Herpes virus in a recommended six months and no more than twelve months.
  • Unvaccinated horses or those that need to restart the vaccination protocol must abide by the new intervals.