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Bob Ordidge - 22 December 2019

21 Jan 2020 BEVA
It is with great sadness that we announced the passing of Bob Ordidge on 22nd December aged 74. A pioneer and true legend in the equine veterinary field over the course of his 50-year career, he was particularly known for his contribution to the field of equine surgery. The racehorse, hunting and general horse owning fraternities hugely benefited from Bob’s pragmatic and intelligent approach and in the years, which saw the huge expansion of surgical capabilities within the equine veterinary field Bob took a leading role. Always interested in new techniques, self-effacing about his own incredible surgical skills and ready to push boundaries, Bob set up and grew the now Rainbow Equine Hospital from its humble beginnings as Ordidge and Pritchard in Rainbow Lane, Old Malton , North Yorkshire. A part of the team here at Rainbow Equine Hospital all through his life, Bob will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of working with and alongside him throughout his amazing career and we know that his legacy lives on in many of the veterinarians who had the benefit of his keen mind and practical, no-nonsense truly ‘Yorkshire’ approach