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The BEVA Trust was established in 1966 to provide a mechanism for giving strategic support to the Association and its members both at home and overseas. With an abundance of initiatives/schemes completed over the years, BEVA Ltd, the governing arm of The Trust, decided to commission a review aimed at gaining an understanding of the views and expectations of the BEVA membership, and how the members would like to see the Trust evolve.
In 2014 The Trust undertook a review with a small steering committee whose members were selected for their charitable, veterinary, equine and commercial expertise. The committee’s primary approach was to gain an understanding of the views and expectations of the BEVA membership on how they would like to see the Trust evolve.

Trust Review

Through an online survey distributed to all BEVA members, the members indicated strongly that BEVA should continue to have a philanthropic arm, and a significant majority of member respondents suggested that they would be willing to donate their time in support of the Trust. Many indicated that they would commit one or more days per annum.
The review recommended that The Trust should reposition itself, to harness the willingness of BEVA members to donate time, to put to good use the massive intellectual capital and professional expertise within the BEVA membership, and direct this towards suitable philanthropic purposes.

Project Framework
Successful completion of two pilot projects in 2015, in collaboration with the BHS in Southampton and in collaboration with SPANA in Morocco, provided a useful understanding of how future projects should be selected for support and funding. It was agreed that future projects should have the following attributes:

  • They meet an existing need for veterinary support to welfare organisations, and deliver a meaningfully positive impact to horse welfare, either directly or indirectly.
  • They appeal sufficiently to generate veterinary volunteers.
  • They are safe.
  • They have the potential to create positive public relations for all stakeholders.
  • They are relatively cheap to run and deliver a good rate of return on the financial, administrative and volunteer support inputted. 

Whilst the trustees of the Association are ultimately responsible for the BEVA Trust, an advisory committee with specific expertise has been put in place to provide guidance to the Trust, and deliver the goal of coordinating and funding veterinary volunteers in support of approved projects.

Committee Members

The BEVA Trust committee oversee, manage and develop activities and projects for the Trust. The committee is made up of seven BEVA members. 

Julian Samuelson

caroline george

Jeremy Kemp-Symonds

David Mountford

Roly owers

Karen Rowe

Grace Starling

Fiona Cunnington

“I’ve really enjoyed my time on the committee.  I feel as though the Trust is really evolving and taking on identity that will help members. There are so many great initiatives that benefit equines, and in many of the international programmes, the whole community, that we’re really starting to be able to evaluate  the volunteer programmes. The philanthropic attitude of many members is outstanding and I think my communications expertise helps to highlight a focused strategy.  It’s a great team and everyone contributes in a different way with their varied backgrounds. I believe we will grow from strength to strength by collaborating with more members so would fully recommend becoming part of the committee.” Karen Rowe, Interaction Marketing & Public Relations, founder and current committee member BEVA Trust

Join the Trust Committee

Are you looking for a new challenge? Something a little different?
The BEVA Trust is looking for additional committee members. The Committee meets a minimum of three times a year but you will be expected to contribute between meetings and occasionally be involved with Trust Projects.

The role of the committee is to strategically oversee the activities and management of the Trust as it continues on its exciting journey improving equine welfare by facilitating and coordinating equine veterinary volunteering for appropriate projects. This is a rewarding role that will help to shape and influence the future direction of the Trust working closely with an equally dedicated and passionate team of people. All interest is welcome!

If you would like to register an interest in joining the BEVA Trust Committee, please send an email giving reasons as to why you would like to join, the values you could bring to the Trust and a copy of your CV to fiona@beva.org.uk

Thank you for all your expressions of interest. Applications are now closed.