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BEVA publishes two journals. The Equine Veterinary Journal (EVJ), the strongest international equine science journal, and Equine Veterinary Education (EVE), our practitioner focused journal. The journals offer online access to all back issues, from the very first EVJ published in 1968 and the first EVE in 1989, to present day, offering plenty of science to sink your teeth into. BEVA journals have an international audience and we are proud of our partnership with the AAEP with whom BEVA produces Equine Veterinary Education. BEVA is pleased that our journals can be shared by our sister associations, allowing the strengthening of the bonds between us and dissemination of scientific knowledge more widely.


Journal Access For Members

Access to the journals is now only via the secure members’ area on the BEVA website, please make sure that you are not logging into your Wiley Online Library account (no user name should be displayed in the top right hand side of the screen) as this will override your member access.

Follow the links (as highlighted below) to the journals:

BEVA Journal Access

When you click on the links, if your access is activated you will then see unlocked padlock symbols next to the journal titles/ articles on lthe Wiley Online Library:  

If you are still unable to access journals please check whether you are trying to view journals within an institution (e.g. a University) as if so their access maybe overriding that of the BEVA site.

Please note that your member access will time out after a period of inactivity (approximately 15 minutes). To reactivate it simply follow the links from the BEVA site again.

If you are trying to access the journals using the EVE and EVJ apps, you can log directly into the apps using your BEVA website username and Password.