Thursday, March 22, 2018
The Vets with Horsepower team have just restarted their bikes after the winter and are kicking into gear again. This year, they will raise money for three charities that do fantastic work and they need everyone’s help to achieve their goals. 

Saving the Survivors need radio equipment to track rhinos, so they can provide care for the victims of poaching or their orphaned young, as well as proactively prevent future poaching attacks. The Dakar Interstate Veterinary School educates vets for 9 West African countries in which people rely heavily on working horses and donkeys to make a living and feed their families. They urgently need an X-ray machine and other clinical teaching materials, to encourage    students to take an interest in the equine curriculum. The Smile Train provides life-changing surgery for children born with a cleft palate in developing countries, giving them a chance to be accepted, make friends, go to school and have a future.

The vets will be raising money by providing CPD lectures to vets in Denmark, Sweden (twice), Norway and Germany this summer, and will be travelling over 4000 miles on their motorbikes in 2 weeks as well as undertaking the 5 days of lectures and wet-labs. Generous support has been committed by veterinary companies and the UK’s larger equine clinics. To help the fund-raising efforts we look to other kind people to help us achieve the target we have set for this year.

The team would like to ask you to consider a practice and / or a personal sponsorship. Get in touch with us to help fundraising amongst your clients via flyers at your practice or perhaps even a client evening. Finally, every penny counts, and individual donations are very gratefully received!

To this end, the team has re-opened the fundraising on and has launched a brand new website with information about the charity and our causes on We are also now on Twitter via @VetsWithHP and as always on Facebook @VetswithHorsepower. Please help, follow us, and spread the word!  We need your help and support.

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