Friday, January 20, 2017
On Tuesday 17th January, the UK’s Prime Minister made her much anticipated speech on the UK’s exit from the EU, and finally spelt out what ‘Brexit means Brexit’ means for her government:

• Britain will leave the Single Market and seek the greatest possible access with a fully-reciprocal free trade deal with the EU
• If a UK arrangement with the EU Customs Union cannot also allow UK trade deals with other countries, then the UK will not associate with the EU Customs Union
• Seek a mutual guarantee of the rights of EU nationals in Britain, and Britons living in Europe, as soon as possible
• Have a phased process of implementation of new arrangements outside the EU from 2019
• Most of the body of existing EU law will be converted into British law to give maximum certainty
• Ireland will have a common travel area between UK and Irish republic while protecting the integrity of the UK’s immigration system

Whilst all of these measures had been implied in previous announcements from the UK Government over recent months, by making them explicit on Tuesday, May has provided clarity and enabled forward planning for organisations across the UK, EU and beyond.

Brexit will have, and is already having, far reaching consequences for all sectors, and PLMR’s Brexit Unit, in collaboration with Ireland’s Transatlantic Public Affairs, is pleased to provide the following analysis of key implications on the UK’s equine sector.

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