Monday, November 14, 2016
The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is encouraging members to continue to reduce their use of critically important antibiotics by inviting them to attain the BEVA Antibiotic Champion Award.

Last year BEVA received a national Antibiotic Guardian award from Public Health England in recognition of its work to promote responsible use of antibiotics. It was the only organisation from the veterinary profession to be shortlisted. BEVA launched its Protect ME antimicrobial campaign in 2012 to coincide with European Antimicrobial Awareness day. The Association has launched additional resources each year to facilitate compliance and educate the public about the importance of antimicrobial awareness.  

This year, to recognise world antibiotic awareness week (16th to 22nd November, 2016) and European Antibiotic Awareness day (18th November), BEVA is encouraging members to document their efforts to reduce the use of critically important antibiotics. 
The process is quick and easy, requiring vets to simply share practice sales data (in mls) of chosen antibiotics. Practices that document a reduction in antibiotic sales of these drugs will be presented with a BEVA Antibiotic Champion Award to endorse their commitment to responsible use of antibiotics and to help promote public awareness of the campaign. Members are also encouraged to sign up to be antibiotic guardians at

Gayle Hallowell, Co-Chair of the BEVA Health and Medicines Committee said: “We are extremely proud of the equine veterinary profession’s commitment to the responsible use of antibiotics. We hope the introduction of our Champion Award will inject new vigour into efforts to continue to reduce the use of our precariously limited antibiotic resources.”

To apply for BEVA Antibiotic Champion Award status visit  

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