Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gordon Hockey, head of professional conduct at the RCVS, told the Veterinary Times:


"The new performance protocol would sit alongside the newly established health protocol, which mitigates how the college deals with vets suffering with mental health problems and substance abuse issues - It's going to be modelled on the health protocol, and we're seeking seperate legal advice on it - It'll be dealing with performance and together, will address fitness to practice." 


Mr Hockey also told the Veterinary Times that the new guidance would look at complaints of a minor nature where it is feasible that the vet in question could take steps to improve their performance.


The RCVS are still in internal discussion regarding the details of the new protocol, but that it will go out to consultation once finalised.


For the full article please see Monday's (16th May) edition of the Veterinary Times


(Source: Veterinary Times)

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