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The BEVA Trust Silent Auction - Last chance to bid

Follow this link to view the items. Make a bid and support our good work. Final bids must be received by 16.30 on Friday 26th February


For more information about the work of the BEVA Trust at home and overseas please click here.


The BEVA Trust, the charitable arm of the British Equine Veterinary Association, is presently offering some fabulous, “money can’t buy” opportunities and unique prizes in its silent auction, to raise money for its work to improve not only the wellbeing of some of the 100 million working equidae in the world, but also, by extension, help to address the poverty of the families whose livelihoods depend on these horses, donkeys and mules.

By working alongside some of the large, established charities, the BEVA Trust works internationally to help provide the expert veterinary care, investigators and educators that are crucial in providing ongoing equine healthcare in developing countries. For example, the Trust helps to send vets to the Animal Care Egypt Centre in Luxor, to treat working equids suffering from a myriad of conditions, from wounds and sores to emaciation and exhaustion, and also to give free veterinary educational courses in a country where the death of a mule, which can cost a year’s salary, may spell financial ruin for a family. The Trust also supports World Horse Welfare’s programme, Project Romania, which is an extensive, five-year series of practical courses and seminars, designed to raise the standard of veterinary education for those involved in caring for the one million working equids in Romania. The Trust also works with the Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA) to provide access to educational materials and training in developing countries, and runs a tetanus vaccination programme in Mali. The medicine resident from the Royal Veterinary College was also assisted by the Trust to travel to Gambia to help the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust deal with the current, devastating epidemic of African Horse Sickness.

In the UK, the Trust offers a number of awards and travel scholarships. The largest of these is the Research Fellowship, a new, three year position being offered at Selwyn College, Cambridge, in conjunction with the Cambridge University Veterinary School. The appointed fellow will conduct research studies focused on infectious disease, with important outcomes relevant to the welfare of working equids. He or she will also actively promote equine welfare issues, establishing a cohort of graduates with the awareness and motivation to improve the day-to-day lives of equids in the developing world, and therefore also the livelihoods of those families who depend on them.

Clearly, the BEVA Trust is elemental in providing, literally, life-saving assistance to a multitude of animals, and subsequently benefiting the people whose livelihoods depend on those animals, and also in educating those associated with equine health, so that the welfare of the animals is greatly improved.  The Silent Auction will help contribute significantly to these projects,  thereby easing the suffering of animals in the developing world.

For racing fans, a fabulous opportunity is provided by Lot 2, something that money cannot buy, the chance to spend a morning at Ballydoyle, the racing arm of Coolmore, then the afternoon at Coolmore, with dinner and B&B at Hotel Minella.  Another lot on offer, donated by Mark Johnston, sounds fascinating  - the opportunity of a guided tour of his extensive yard and veterinary facilities, including watching the use of the over-ground endoscope, a horse jacuzzi and equine swimming pool. Dinner and accommodation is included in Middleham. Or perhaps a personal tour of the Hyde Park Barracks and the Kings Troop with Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles himself, followed by lunch at Greens, sounds more intriguing and exciting?

Sportsmen and women can choose from these various opportunities. For those who love fishing, from complete beginners to experienced anglers, there is a day’s guided salmon fishing on one of the world’s greatest salmon rivers, the River Tweed, all equipment provided.  Golfers will love the opportunity of a round of golf, and lunch, at either The Links Golf Club, Newmarket, or The Royal Worthington, one of the top courses in the country. Or how about experiencing the elegance and grace of carriage driving, with a lesson from Claire Bourne, a British Driving Society qualified Light Harness Horse Instructor?

For all those single malt whiskey lovers, a unique opportunity on offer, that money cannot buy, is a personal tour of the Macallan Distillery, overlooking the  River Spey, followed by a nosing and tasting with the Macallan Whisky Taster himself, with accommodation provided that is usually reserved for celebrities like Jesse Spencer and Gore Vidal.
Racing enthusiasts visiting Hong Kong could have the chance of a lifetime by bidding for an evening at Happy Valley races, with dinner and a behind-the-scenes tour to meet trainers and jockeys. Anyone visiting Boston is offered a breathtaking ride in a Jetranger helicopter, either an aerial tour, or a journey of up to 100 miles. For a rewarding and fulfilling getaway, a week working at the Animal Care Egypt hospital, followed by a week seeing the sights of Luxor is sure to be a worthwhile holiday. Who could fail to be tempted by a long weekend in an apartment in the best location in beautiful, romantic Budapest, overlooking the Danube?
How about taking tea with the internationally renowned fiction writer Alexander McCall Smith? The author will also sign and present copies of three complete series of his books, The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, 44 Scotland Street and The Sunday Philosophy Club - a truly fabulous offer! Art lovers will appreciate being able to bid on some really beautiful prints, offered by highly renowned equine artist Lydia Kiernan. These are utterly delightful, and would immediately enhance a home or office. Similarly, a framed photograph of Katchit, winner of the 2008 Champion Hurdle, with the rider’s and trainer’s signatures, is a unique and appealing addition to a racing fan’s collection. Alternatively, the private PA to the former Chairman of Conde Nast International is offering to come to your home to give a helping hand and be your personal assistant for the day.

So, please support the BEVA Trust’s incredible auction, and help ease the suffering of innumerable horses, donkeys and mules that give their lives to their human families in the developing world.

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