Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA) is delighted to announce a multi-million pound investment from a private benefactor to develop the first private veterinary college in the UK. This builds on BEVA’s international reputation for excellence in post-graduate education and quality assurance, through its CPD initiatives and world leading journals.

The BEVA Veterinary College (BVC) will accept its first intake of undergraduate students in 2020 and will initially provide a novel and practically focused five-year veterinary curriculum across all the major species. BEVA hopes that the second phase of the Vet Futures project will address the concept of graduation with a limited license to practice. It will then become the first centre to offer a three-year, lecture free, equine specific veterinary degree. This initiative will train future equine veterinary professionals with the skills and knowledge to excel in all aspects of equine clinical work.

“It is widely acknowledged that veterinary curricula suffer from content overload in order to maintain the outdated concept of omnicompetence,” said Mark Bowen, current BEVA President. “In reality few, if any, veterinary graduates utilise their breadth of training, while many believe that graduates should have greater depth of training in their chosen sphere. BEVA graduates will receive this depth of clinical training to meet the demands of modern equine practice. Those wishing to achieve training in additional species will be able to combine additional years building on the excellent foundation provided by this degree.”

David Mountford, CEO and Project Manager continued: “The BVC project board has been tasked with locating suitable premises within the North of England beyond the reach of existing veterinary schools. BVC will not receive government funding, although students will be eligible for student loans. Our financial model provides for subsidised tuition fees, pending the creation of a three-year programme, which will then provide a cost neutral experience compared to existing providers. BVC will become the default training centre for all those wishing to enter a career in equine veterinary practice and will attract the brightest applicants from a range of diverse backgrounds.”

Mrs April Oaks, Chair of the Project Board said: “This development capitalises on the government’s higher education reforms, broadening student choice and promoting competition in the sector. BEVA will run a daily question and answer session at the annual congress 8th-10th September in Birmingham’s ICC to provide members with their first opportunity to contribute to the development of this exciting initiative.” 

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