Veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses may now cast votes for their preferred candidates in this year’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Council election and Veterinary Nurses (VN) Council election respectively.

Ballot papers with candidate details, biographies and manifestos have been posted to all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses last week.

Eight candidates are standing in the RCVS Council election this year, with the six who receive the most votes joining Council at RCVS Day on Friday 15 July 2016 for a four-year term. The candidates are:

•           Mr Christopher Barker MRCVS

•           Ms Amanda Boag MRCVS

•           Dr Melissa Donald MRCVS

•           Miss Lucie Goodwin MRCVS

•           Mr Thomas Lonsdale MRCVS

•           Professor Stephen May FRCVS (BEVA Member)

•           Dr Cheryl Scudamore FRCVS

•           Dr Christopher (Kit) Sturgess MRCVS

Six candidates are standing in the VN Council election this year and the two successful candidates will also take up their four-year terms at RCVS Day. The candidates are:

•           Mrs Stacey Bullock RVN

•           Miss Racheal Marshall RVN

•           Mrs Wendy Nevins RVN

•           Mr Matthew Rendle RVN

•           Mrs Samantha Thompson RVN

•           Miss Helen Tottey RVN

Each candidate in both elections has produced a short video in which they answer two questions which they have selected from those submitted to the RCVS in advance by members of the professions. For RCVS Council candidates these videos are available to view via along with their biographies, manifesto statements and contact details. The equivalent for VN Council candidates can be found via

Bradley Viner, RCVS President, says: “Last year the candidate videos had over 3,500 views and we hope to increase that this year as it is a very direct and democratic way of finding out more about each candidate and their views. I would urge each member of the profession, whether vets or veterinary nurses, to make a vote for their preferred candidates as they really can make a difference when it comes to the future direction of the College.”

Liz Cox, Chair of VN Council, adds: “I am very glad to see that there is twice the amount of candidates for VN Council compared to last year. This demonstrates that, alongside initiatives such as the campaign to protect the veterinary nurse title and VN Futures, veterinary nurses really are getting more engaged with the future direction of the profession.”

All votes must be cast, either online or by post, by 5pm on Friday 29 April 2016. Online votes for RCVS Council candidates can be made at while online votes for VN Council candidates can be made at

Any veterinary surgeon who has not received a ballot paper should contact Ian Holloway, RCVS Communications Manager, on 020 7202 0727 or Any veterinary nurse missing a ballot paper should contact Annette Amato, Deputy Head of Veterinary Nursing on 020 7202 0713 or