Thursday, March 19, 2015

Veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses may now cast votes for their preferred candidates in this year’s Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Council and Veterinary Nurses (VN) Council elections, respectively.

Ballot papers with candidate details, biographies and manifestos have been posted to all veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses this week.

In total there are 11 candidates in this year’s RCVS Council elections, with the six who receive the most votes joining Council in July for a four-year term. The candidates are:

  • Mr Niall Connell MRCVS
  • Mrs Joanna Dyer MRCVS
  • Professor Tim Greet FRCVS (BEVA Member)
  • Mrs Lynne Hill MRCVS
  • Mr Richard Hillman MRCVS
  • Dr Heidi Janicke MRCVS (BEVA Member)
  • Miss Hannah Jordan MRCVS
  • Mr Thomas Lonsdale MRCVS
  • Mr James Main MRCVS (BEVA Member)
  • Miss Katherine Richards MRCVS
  • Mr Peter Robinson MRCVS 


There are three candidates in this year’s VN Council elections with the two who receive the most votes joining VN Council also for a four-year term from July. The candidates are:

  • Mrs Lucy Bellwood RVN
  • Mrs Elizabeth Cox RVN
  • Miss Marie Rippingale RVN (BEVA Member)


For this year’s ‘Quiz the candidates’, all 14 candidates have been asked to submit a short video in which they answer two questions, chosen by them, posed by members of their respective professions.

The video statements from RCVS Council candidates, together with the biographies and manifestos, can be found at, while those from VN Council candidates can be found at

Gordon Hockey, RCVS Registrar, comments: “This is the first year that we have had video statements from candidates so please do take a look at them as it's important, before casting a vote, to have an idea of the candidates and their priorities, if elected. My thanks to all those who submitted questions.

“I would urge both vets and veterinary nurses to participate in this year’s elections, because it really can make a difference. Decisions made at RCVS Council can have a real impact on all vets – the recent decision to allow the use of ‘Dr’ as a courtesy title being a case in point, along with current ongoing discussions about potential further governance reform.

Kathy Kissick, chair of VN Council, says: “The recent introduction of the College’s new Royal Charter is a momentous occasion for veterinary nurses, meaning that we are now formally regulated by the RCVS and recognised as true professionals in our own right. With the 2015 VN Council election now underway, it is more important than ever that veterinary nurses decide for themselves who should be elected to their governing body, as the decisions made by VN Council affect the whole of our profession.”

Votes in each election must be cast by 5pm on Friday, 24 April. Those eligible to vote can either fill in the ballot paper and return it by post, or vote online. To vote online, veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses should use the security codes and instructions printed on their ballot papers.

Any veterinary surgeon who has not received a ballot paper should contact Ian Holloway, RCVS Communications Manager, on 020 7202 0727 / Any veterinary nurse missing a ballot paper should contact Annette Amato, Deputy Head of Veterinary Nursing on 020 7202 0713 /

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