The UK's equine industry is valuable and vibrant, contributing over £7bn to the economy annually, and bringing pleasure to millions of riders and horse lovers across the country. Horses are found across the UK, and are used for many purposes - from top sports and racehorses, animals used in therapy for physical, mental and emotional problems and service animals to beloved family pets.

The Equine Sector Council for Health and Welfare and the British Horse Industry Confederation have produced a Manifesto for the Horse for the 2015 General Election, setting out measures needed to better protect the welfare and health of horses, and safeguard and expand this important rural industry.

How many of your local Parliamentary Candidates will support the horse industry if elected? Please email your candidates using the link on the side-bar of this website, asking them whether they will support the equine sector and better horse welfare if they become MPs.

Read the manifesto here