Monday, January 19, 2015 - Mark Humph

The Control of Horses Bill, a Private Members' Bill moved by Julian Sturdy (Con, York Outer) has been moved into the House of Lords as all amendments tabled were withdrawn.

Sturdy (Con, York Outer) has recently moved the Third Reading of the Bill and the importance of dealing with the issue of fly-grazing and the impact it had on pedestrians, motorists and local farmers.

Sturdy thanked the RSPCA, World Horse Welfare, the British Horse Society, HorseWorld, Redwings and Blue Cross for their support with the Bill.

Sturdy recounted issues of fly grazing horses affecting motorists and public transport routes, and detailed cases of horse fatalities. Currently legislative conditions allowed horse owners to be irresponsible, he argued, placing the burden of care on animal welfare charities.

The Bill would make it easier to tackle fly grazing head on he argued.

The minister acknowledged that the Bill addressed a serious and growing problem of abandoned ponies, donkeys and horses and noted how the current law was inadequate to deal with current practices.

"The Government fully support it and hope that we can get it through in this Session, before the break-up of Parliament, reassured that we have full support from the Opposition Benches and cross-party support," Eustice concluded.

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