Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Due to the great number cases communicated this year to the Atypical Myopathy Alert Group (AMAG) in UK (n = 92) and Ireland (n = 28), the University of Liege together with The Irish Equine Center and The Animal Health Trust is conducting a new research study investigating the geographical distribution and clinical peculiarities of this condition in UK and Ireland.

As a vet, if you have seen cases this year but you haven’t reported them yet, please take the time to fill in the case questionnaire on:

As an owner, if your horse has suffer from this disease but you haven’t reported it yet, please take the time to fill in the owner questionnaire on:

Deadline for 2014 cases is 15th January 2015, your help is mandatory to understand the particularities and distribution of this disease in Ireland and UK, helping to improve the poor prognosis that this condition.

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