In 2012 BEVA was the first UK veterinary organisation to engage in the European Antimicrobial Awareness Day (EAAD) through the release of its PROTECT ME toolkit, to promote responsible antibiotic use by equine vets, thus reducing the development of antimicrobial resistance. Previous years have focused on PROTECT (in 2012) and Education (in 2013). This year BEVA are publishing a series of tools to help practices Monitor their antimicrobial use as part of effective CLINICAL AUDIT within their practice. These tools build on the existing monitoring tools that suggest practices develop protocols for monitoring emergence of bacterial resistance and suggesting that practices impose similar recording requirements for Critically Important Antimicrobials that they do for controlled drugs.

The tools created for this years EAAD allow practices to develop these concepts further and undertake audit of antimicrobial use, that can also be used as evidence of clinical governance for the documentation of practice standards. Members are guided through the stages of clinical audit including:

  • The setting of benchmarks for antimicrobial use
  • Decision making process to decide which antimicrobials to audit
  • Documents to promote targets and outcomes to practice users
  • Tools to complete the audit process

‘Audit practices use of critically important antimicrobials, such as the fluoroquinolones is an excellent way to set local targets for reduction of the use of these antimicrobials that are important for the health of all animals, including humans, so that they can be preserved for cases where they are essential for as long as possible. At some point, antimicrobial resistance will mean that these drugs are ineffective at controlling life-threatening infection in all species. Through responsible and limited use in cases equine vets can play a role in delaying this. ‘

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