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Defra have published a review of the Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) outbreaks in 2010.

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An outbreak of Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) was confirmed in two horses at a premises near Swindon, Wiltshire on 19 January 2010, following post import checks.
The outbreak was successfully brought under control, and the wider impacts and consequences have been assessed as being negligible. As is normal practice Animal health undertook a review of the lessons identified and this report details the findings.
The review confirmed that the current outbreak response models are fit for purpose but highlighted some areas for improvement in the way in which the response effort is scaled to fit the specific disease, the likely spread and its associated risks and wider impacts. It also identified some issues associated with operational response to equine diseases and the trade in horses that would improve preparedness for future equine disease outbreaks and highlighted a number of areas where communication could be improved.
Animal Health and Defra subsequently dealt with a further two, unrelated cases of EIA in September 2010. On 7th September Defra confirmed EIA in a horse on a premises in Northumberland following importation from the Netherlands, and four days later on the 11th September Defra confirmed another case of EIA in a horse on a premises in Devon.
A lessons learned review of the handling of these two cases was also undertaken and the findings of this separate review is set out as an annex to this report.
This second review concluded that the revised National Disease Control Centre (NDCC) and Local Disease Control (LDCC) structures implemented following the earlier EIA outbreak worked well and coupled with the work on the lessons identified from the earlier Wiltshire case, resulted in a significantly fewer issues being reported and any new issues raised during the follow-up lessons learned review have now been incorporated into the workstreams already initiated.

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