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RCVS Publish Advanced Practitioner Guidance

The RCVS have published the details of the new 'middle-tier' of advanced practitioner. The Advanced Practitioner List aims to provide a clear indication to the profession and the public of those veterinary surgeons have been accredited at postgraduate certificate level (Masters level 7), and who have not only demonstrated knowledge and experience in a particular area of veterinary practice beyond their initial primary veterinary degree, but who have confirmed that they continue to be up to date in their field over and above our minimum requirements for continuing professional development (CPD). The List of Advanced Practitioners, together with the List of Recognised Specialists, will be published in the Register and online.

Eligibility criteria can be found online at

RCVS Open a Can of Worms Over Post-Nominals

The RCVS have also sparked debate by revealing that veterinary surgeons’ post-nominals (with the exception of registerable degrees and MRCVS/FRCVS) will no longer published in the register. This means that PhDs, RCVS certificates or Diplomas (whether RCVS, European or American) will no longer be published online as the RCVS register.  Commentators from the RCVS note that the electronic version of the register will simply list the qualifications which enabled the member to register (in line with other regulatory bodies) but some views expressed on veterinary forums indicate a feeling that the RCVS have been injudicious in withdrawing online publication of qualifications that individuals believe are important to their chosen career.  A small animal practitioner from Derbyshire has started an online petition against this change (

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