Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Horserace Betting Levy Board has appointed Professor Celia Marr as Chair of its Veterinary Advisory Committee for a period of two years from January 2015 in succession to Professor Willie Donachie, who will be retiring at the end of 2014.  Professor Marr joined the Committee in 2005 and is currently Deputy Chair of the Committee, Chair of the Levy Board’s Thoroughbred Research Consultation Group and a member of the Board’s Education Sub-Committee. 


HBLB Chairman Paul Lee said:


“We are fortunate that someone of Professor Marr’s reputation and expertise is willing to commit time and energy to the work of the VAC.  Celia brings both academic and clinical experience to the role, and a dedication to the health and well being of the racing and breeding Thoroughbred.


“Willie Donachie has done a terrific job, steering the Committee through difficult times when funding was limited and we are grateful for his commitment.”


Professor Marr said:


“I am looking forward very much to taking over as VAC Chair in January. As always, there is a lot to do and I want to ensure that the Levy Board’s investment in veterinary science and education addresses the real, practical needs of the Thoroughbred. There is exciting work going on with new ideas coming forward all the time. I hope to focus on communicating the practical benefits which arise from the research funded by the Levy aimed at preventing and managing injury and disease in all types of horses.”


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