Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Equine Influenza virus has been diagnosed by the Animal Health Trust in an unvaccinated horse in Bedfordshire. This horse was showing signs of a harsh dry cough having recently been brought over from Ireland.

The Equine Influenza Group are attempting to isolate the virus at the AHT in order to give you more information about it and will post details as they become available on www.equiflunet.org.uk

Please be on the look out for the classic influenza signs including a harsh dry cough, nasal discharge, pyrexia and in appetence. Particularly in the Bedfordshire area or in recently transported horses. Remember you can send in samples to the Equine Influenza Group for free diagnosis by using supplied kits or taking paired blood samples. If you need any more information, or more kits and submission forms please contact the Equine Influenza Group.

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