Monday, March 24, 2014

Two men have been charged with breaching regulations governing the traceability of horse meat.

Peter Boddy, who owned a slaughterhouse in Todmorden, West Yorkshire, and David Moss, the manager, are due before magistrates in Westminster on 14 April.

The charges follow a joint investigation by the Food Standards Agency, Dyfed Powys Police and Calderdale Council.

Mr Moss also faces a forgery charge relating to a horse meat sale invoice.

Sue Patten, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: "It is alleged that Peter Boddy, owner of a West Yorkshire slaughterhouse and game dealer, and David Moss, the manager of the slaughterhouse, failed to comply with traceability requirements for horses slaughtered at their premises."

She said it was not being alleged the horse meat was being sold as another meat.

Source BBC

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