Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Following the positive result of a precautionary test on the Cheltenham bound Binocular the BHA’s Tim Morris has reassured BEVA that there has been no change in testing sensitivities.  He is not advising vets to change the standard c7day withdrawal period “where a single IV injection of Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate is administered at the standard dose rate”.


Prof. Morris states “We are rigorous in how we change lab levels, it's a formal process with a long lead in time when we inform vets. For example next Monday the board will be asked to approve Detection Times for clenbuterol and Ipratropium, which we have to do before any change, and we then we must do an education campaign and lead-in for several months.”


Prof. Morris has acknowledged that the lack of Detection Times for steroids is an issue.  He has commented that the previous HKJC advised detection periods / the old Jockey Club “red book” should not be relied upon – and has pointed those treating racehorses towards The European Horserace Scientific Liaison Committee website.

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