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An independent review of the BEVA/BVDA examination for dentistry technicians was commissioned by the British Veterinary Association (BEVA) and the British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA) earlier this year. The two veterinary associations are currently responsible for governance of the examination with a recent contribution from the British Association of Equine Dentistry Technicians (BAEDT) in administration of the examination. The report was commissioned in light of unexpectedly poor results from the 2013 exam with the aim of identifying any weaknesses within the system, and if appropriate, to consider any measures to address these.

Last week BEVA hosted a meeting at the BVA in London to discuss the findings of the review and implement the subsequent recommendations.  Representatives from BEVA, BVDA and BAEDT were present, in addition to the independent reviewer Dr. John Fazey.

The overall review was positive.  There was no suggestion of any need for a major overhaul of any structural or procedural part of the examination, nor was any single cause highlighted as the reason for the high failure rate in 2013. Recommendations were made, some relatively minor, that could have some influence on the candidate's performance. All recommendations were actioned at the meeting and a revised set of guidelines for the 2014 examination discussed and agreed. These will be published on the BEVA website shortly.

Two new committees were also formed as a result; the examining committee (comprised of BEVA and BAEDT examiners plus the appointed external examiner) who run the exam on behalf of the governance committee (BEVA, BVDA and an invited BAEDT observer) who in turn set policy and standards of the examination.

This represents a positive step forwards for all concerned to ensure that the BEVA/BVDA examination provides accreditation of  competence in performing category 1 and 2 equine dentistry procedures (as agreed by RCVS/BEVA/BVDA/BAEDT) for equine dental technicians in the UK. 

BEVA would like to thank all anonymous contributors to the report, in addition to the independent exam reviewer Dr. John Fazey.

A full version of the report is available here

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