Thursday, April 18, 2013


It has been reported that the EHV outbreak in the Cotswolds seems to have resolved.


Eventually 9 horses seroconverted at Badminton stables but luckily the majority (30 horses) did not get the disease and have had 2 clear PCR and blood tests at least 14 days apart. The seroconverted horses are still in total isolation at least 2 miles from Badminton. Only one of these horses actually showed neurological symptoms and that is now clinically normal again. The remainder were just were a bit "off colour" or showed mild respiratory symptoms. There was spread to 2 other premises in the Beaufort Hunt area but no onward spread from these secondary sites.


It is believed that no horses died or were euthanased in the Badminton area as a result of EHV. Inevitably there was much panic in the area and a few shows suffered a lot of withdrawals. Hartpury and Addington show centres put in place sensible biosecurity precautions in consultation with either the AHT or Josh Slater from RVC.  The local hunts were very responsible in immediately stopping hunting for 2 weeks to stop the movement of horses between hunts.


The entire Badminton stables have been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and there is not considered to be any residual risk to horses due to compete at the Badminton Horse Trials in May

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