Thursday, March 7, 2013


Mark Lucey has reported on the EVG (UK) that the EHV saga continues in the Cotswolds. The case at the livery yard turned out to be an isolated respiratory EHV infection which has not spread to contact animals and seems to have settled. The first outbreak in the hunting yard has affected almost all horses in the main yard.  Several horses are still a bit ataxic but are gradually improving. All the horses there are still in isolation until titres start to come down and that may be a while yet.


However a dressage yard with about 25 horses about 2 miles from the hunting yard has suddenly had several horses with slightly  raised temperatures (about 38.5C) and 1 horse has been recumbent for a couple of days and is looking very poorly.  The AHT is yet to confirm it as an EHV infection. A decision on euthanasia will be today if the horse continues to deteriorate. Another horse is showing marked ataxia. There has been no contact with the first outbreak yard (this latest yard is a dressage only yard).

Worryingly outside horses come on to this dressage yard for tuition and all who may have been there over the last week are being contacted.  This yard has had a couple of new horses arrive in the last 10 days but they have come from more distant parts of the country. The local practices are concerned that there may be a panic amongst dressage owners in the Cotswolds.


Updates will follow.

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