BEVA has introduced two new guides to help vets and their clients negotiate the complexities of equine insurance with clarity. The guides have been produced jointly by leading equine insurance providers and BEVA and can be downloaded via the website.

With up to 40% of horses becoming ill or injured in any one year and 25% of insured horses having a claim in any one year, vet fees insurance is a sensible way for horse owners to budget for unexpected healthcare costs. The Veterinary Surgeon's guide to riding and sport horse insurance provides general guidelines to help vets understand the requirements and issues relating to equine insurance. It explains the three main types of insurance cover available: veterinary fees, death and permanent loss of use, as well as insurance recommendations for pre-purchase and pre-insurance vetting. The final section, which looks at commonly used insurance terminology, is an indispensible jargon-buster.

Complementing the vet guide is The BEVA leisure and sports horse Insurance Guide for horse owners, which is a practical handout for clients about to embark on taking out insurance. It covers the frequently asked questions relating to vets fees and death, including when and how to insure, the importance of pre-purchase vetting, exclusions and permanent loss of use.

Andrew Harrison, Junior Vice President, said: "Whether a vet or a horse owner, understanding equine insurance can be intimidating for the best of us. The new guides should make it easier for you and your clients to understand the finer points of policies, premiums and claim protocols."