Thursday, December 13, 2012


As you may already be aware, the RCVS are currently carrying out a First-Rate Regulator initiative which aims to improve how they work.

The first phase is about gathering views on how the Royal College does things at the moment, and where they can improve.

There are several streams of research, including amongst those who have made complaints, RCVS staff, and RCVS Council and VN Council members.

There will also be desk-based research to find out how the RCVS compares with other regulators.

They are also carrying out research with vets, VNs and practice managers, which is where you come in...

There are three aspects to this:

1)     Online survey

The RCVS have launched an online survey for vets, VNs and practice managers to complete. So far they have had over 3,500 responses and would like to receive as much feedback as possible.

We would like to encourage all members to complete the survey, the closing deadline is 4 January.

The survey, which is confidential, can be accessed here:


2)     Stakeholder interviews

The RCVS' independent researchers are carrying out in-depth interviews with 'stakeholder' organisations. These range from consumer groups through to veterinary organisations, and BVA will be one of these.

If you have views on how the RCVS operate and what they could do better, please send your views  and feedback to BVA, if appropriate?

If your organisation is not a BVA subdivision, please email CEO Nick Stace, on, with your thoughts.

We will also be carrying out interviews with BVNA and VDS.


3)     In-depth Vet/VN/PM interviews

They will also be carrying out some in-depth interviews with individual vets, VNs and practice managers.

If you or someone in your practice happens to be one of those contacted at random, please help the RCVS by agreeing to the interview, which will be carried out by an independent researcher. It should only take around 30 minutes of your time.


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