The BEF National Equine Therapeutic Use Exemptions (NETUEs) Guide is now available to help practitioners treating horses competing under BEF or FEI regulations.

At FEI events, if a horse needs treatment, permission must be obtained from the Veterinary Delegate (Veterinary Commission at major events).

In competitions under national rules there is no equivalent to the Veterinary Delegate so the decision as to whether or not to compete with a horse that has been treated with a prohibited substance must be made by the Person Responsible (PR)

At national level if a horse requires treatment with a Controlled Medication Substance at or close to a competition, the PR should discuss his/her desire to compete with the treating vet so that, if possible, medications can be used that will no longer be present in the horse's system by the time of competition. When a Controlled Medication Substance is administered, the treating vet should complete a National Equine Therapeutic Use Exemption (NETUE) Medication Form and the PR then has 10 working days within which to apply for an NETUE in full, using the BEFAR NETUE Form.

The BEF Guide available here fully explains the process.