Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The RCVS Charitable Trust is supporting an open symposium to discuss the potential for developing a range of evidence-based resources for the veterinary profession.


The event, titled "The Sceptical Vet: Eminence or Evidence? Finding the best way forward for the veterinary profession", will be held on Tuesday 30 October 2012, 10.30-5.00pm followed by a reception. The venue will be the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London.


Delegates will represent both the human medical and veterinary fields, and are likely to include pioneers in the discipline, sceptics and people who wish to know more about evidence-based veterinary medicine (EVM).


"The modern Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) approach has revolutionised patient care in human medicine and policy over the last four decades, and has been thoroughly embraced by politicians and the wider public, even though animated debate about its usefulness is still occurring within the medical profession. It has been more challenging to set up a veterinary database similar to the Cochrane Collaboration, due to the particularities of veterinary medicine and the wide number of species involved. The RCVS Charitable Trust wishes to encourage the veterinary profession to continue to make progress towards this ambition" says Cherry Bushell, Trust Director.


This event is open to the whole veterinary profession and aims to provide a forum for debate where opinions on the clinical potential and the caveats of EVM can be voiced. The sessions will provide information on the current status of EVM's implementation, and its future implications in veterinary practice and clinical governance.


Lessons learned by the establishment of EBM principles in the human medicine field will be covered by one of the keynote speakers, Khalid Khan, Professor of Women's Health and Clinical Epidemiology, Bart's and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry.  


The veterinary keynote speaker, Dr Brennen McKenzie, President of the Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association, will encourage the setting of a forward-looking strategy to implement EVM practices across the profession.


Veterinary speakers from the Centre for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham, the University of Liverpool, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association, the RCVS Trust, the RCVS and from practice will discuss EVM training needs for veterinary undergraduates and practitioners, and help identify the important real-life clinical questions.

For further details and to register for a place, visit


Registrants and others visiting the event pages are encouraged to complete a short survey 'Assessing the temperature for EVM' to support this event. One entrant chosen at random will have their travel expenses to the event reimbursed.



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