Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do you want to have a say in how your Association is run? Would you like to help shape and influence the way that equine veterinary medicine is practised? Could you help develop national and international equine health and welfare policies? BEVA needs enthusiastic vets from all ages, stages and levels of expertise to drive it forward. Being involved provides a unique opportunity to work, debate and socialise with a diverse cross section of our profession. Please get in touch with the BEVA Office or any one of the Council members to find out more - don't leave it to someone else!

In September this year there will be three vacancies for membership of BEVA Council and one vacancy for the position of Junior Vice President. Nomination forms are now available on the website, or for more information click here.

Members of Council are required to attend the two annual meetings of Council and will also be assigned to one or more sub-committees. The Junior Vice President (JVP) is a member of BEVA's Council and Board of Management (the trustees) and the position is the first rung on the ladder to President.

**Please note, the deadline for all completed nominations is 1st August 2012**

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